“YOU LIE!”- The Aftermath

Just a quick note since a few of you asked:  when I wrote yesterday's editorial regarding the epidemic stupidity in Washington and the fact that the various forms of pending legislation ALL prohibit medical benefits or subsidies to undocumented aliens, I didn't even KNOW about Rep. Joe Wilson's moronic and embarrassing outburst!

In reality, I was baaaaad Obama supporter on Wednesday night, totally forgetting about his address to both houses of Congress, instead settling in with a good book and going to bed early.  When I wrote the blog, I had not heard about the "YOU LIE!" episode at all but it simply affirms what I've been saying all along, which is directed to ALL politicians regardless of party:

The sheer volume and complexity of written legislation unfolding in a culture of Twittering, sound bytes, and the Internet's immediacy can only mean one thing: politicians can either keep their mouths shut until they (or, presumably, their staff members) actually READ the legislation being considered or do as Mr. Wilson did and make an ass of himself through his conduct while simultaneously demonstrating to the world that not only is he a rude person, but has not read the legislation being proposed.

I continue to be impressed with the dignity, decorum, intellect and compassion which our new President consistently exhibits in the wake of the idiocy he is confronting in Washington.  Let's hope some of that rubs off on Capitol Hill.