Why the EB-5 May Change

One of the best and most streamlined ways to gain residency within the United States is to participate in the EB-5 investor program. For foreign investors, this is the best way to gain access to the great resources and opportunities our country offers. At American Venture Solutions, our EB-5 lawyers are here to help you every step of the way to obtain your U.S. residency. Our experts are knowledgeable, professional, and can guide you in the right direction.

Now that a new year is upon us and a new president is in office, there may be some changes that happen to the EB-5. It is important to be aware of these alterations to the program whether you are just starting or are halfway through the process.

Changes You May See with the EB-5

Investment Amount

While the investment amount has stayed at a steady rate for the last few years, at a minimum of $500,000, it could be increasing substantially. Talks are looking at numbers over 1 million as the minimum investment. You may see this amount at high target employment areas or the opposite, high unemployment areas. Within other areas of the country, the amount would jump to 1.8 million instead of 1 million as a minimum amount.

Why This is Important

Changing the minimum amount of investment can severely deter people from coming into the country. Raising each minimum amount to at least a million dollars causes concern for investors who may not have that much money just yet.

The EB-5 was designed to help people get into the United States in a lawful manner as well as helping our own people with the foreign investors’ funds. The funds were designed to increase the U.S.’s economy by creating more jobs for the American people and capitalizing on these large funds for investing opportunities. The target market for the EB-5 is geared towards families that have funds to make serious investments and who want to become residents in our country. Creating jobs in poverty stricken areas or where the unemployment rates are high benefits the U.S. immensely. Because of the investing, the EB-5 participants obtain a 2-year visa with hopes for permanent residency.

Learn About the EB-5

The program has thrived thus far, bringing many funds back into the U.S.’s economy and has created over 30,000 jobs in the last five years. Many visas are going to people from China overall. However, the program has been very useful in helping America return to its feet after a devastating recession. There is still work to be done in many areas in the country, which is why the investment amount is being discussed again.

The Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) is concerned about the untouched areas of the country, such as the rural locations with high unemployment rates. They believe these areas need investment more than anyone else, and they need large amounts to be able to thrive again.

While the big change of investment amounts was proposed before President Trump took office, it is up to him and his administration to see what happens to the EB-5. Because the president has strict, harsh rules and ideals when it comes to immigration, it is hard to say what is likely going to happen. With his new immigration executive order, no one within the 7 countries depicted on the order can retain an EB-5 green card as of now. It is hard to predict how Trump views this immigration policy and if he will help or hurt it.

The increase in investment funds may hurt potential U.S. residents but will help many American people and businesses. Because President Trump himself has benefited from foreign investment, it should be concluded that he will implement helpful changes to the program. However, within the first few weeks of his presidency, he has been anything but predictable.

Many believe the investment change would be very helpful for the program, as it will create even more jobs for the troubled communities within the United States. The fate of the EB-5 lies in the hands of the new administration. If you have questions about the EB-5 process, timeline, or investment opportunities, get in touch with the best EB-5 lawyers by contacting American Venture Solutions today!