Who Are EB-5 Investors?

The average American may not know much about EB-5, but is likely to hear about it as the topic comes up for reexamination in the spring of 2017. While critics may point to the alleged potential slippery slope dangers of the program, it is important to note who is actually investing in the United States economy through EB-5.

The Real Face of EB-5

There are people from all around the world who dream of citizenship in the United States. For those that have enjoyed success in their country already, we created the EB-5 program to welcome their innovation and direct investment to create an expedited path to citizenship for them. Here is a look at the most prominent countries that contribute to the EB-5 program:


The overwhelming majority of EB-5 application approvals come from China. Whether these are Chinese businessmen looking to bring their business to this country or family members of those that have enjoyed success who now look to create an entirely new venture in the U.S., the Chinese utilization of the EB-5 program remains as large as nearly all other countries’ participants combined. Over the past few years, successful Chinese EB-5 applicants have ranged between six and eight thousand annually; this is especially daunting when compared to the next largest, which doesn’t even top 300.


After China, the next noteworthy country is none other than Vietnam. Interestingly, Vietnam wasn’t even in the top five EB-5 countries only a few short years ago, but has now surged to second place with more than a 1,000 percent increase in program participation. Now, people in the EB-5 community are (somewhat jokingly) referring to Vietnam as the “Second China” in terms of EB-5 growth and utilization. One of the things that make Vietnam so fascinating is the incredible diversity in EB-5 applicants, who range from hyper-wealthy investors to families that are resting their life savings on the success of their chosen EB-5 investor program.


While India has seen relatively small and steady growth in the EB-5 program, it hasn’t come anywhere near analyst predictions for their potential adoption of the program yet. With only about a third of Vietnam’s surging results to show for a country with many times the population, overall economic power, and even interests in businesses within the United States, it seems unbelievable that India isn’t yet right up there with China. While this doesn’t quite fall under the “who is the average EB-5 participant” criteria just yet, it is expected that we will see far more Indian nationals joining the program as it takes a foothold there. In many ways, it is believed that a lack of information on the nature and validity of the EB-5 program’s successes act as the main barriers to increased enrollment.

Individualizing EB-5

Beyond even other top countries, which include Taiwan (which could also be considered as China), South Korea, and Russia, it is important that we look at the average EB-5 applicant on a more personal level. It would be incorrect to assume that the average EB-5 investor is a wealthy middle-aged male looking to expand business operations in their own country by leveraging citizenship here or, more unbelievably, a front for terrorist activity; instead, the average EB-5 participant isn’t a single person at all, but a family of four looking to settle here and seek out the American dream. By bringing in successful business practices and strategies gained from their native country, they hope to find and fill a need in the U.S. economy, contributing to the economy through taxes and job creation, while also raising their children as American citizens to continue this contribution for generations. These aren’t people looking to take advantage of the system, but successful foreign nationals hoping to create a new business here.

Our EB-5 Investor Program

The skilled investment professionals at American Venture Solutions are well aware of the tremendous benefits available to investors and taxpayers alike, which is why we’re proud to participate in the EB-5 program. Our numerous investment projects each allow investors the security that comes from sound management and experienced business insight, both of which help to ensure a successful enterprise will be created from your direct investment. Above all, we are excited for the opportunity to help skilled investors bring valuable jobs to American soil.

Find your path to United States residency and citizenship in our EB-5 program today!