What to Look for in an EB-5 Lawyer

Do you want to become a permanent resident of the United States? Are you wanting to provide opportunities to your children in America that you never had? The EB-5 Investor Program is a viable option for you and your family to gain permanent residency in the U.S. What this program does is give foreign investors who want to gain permanent residency in the US that opportunity by essentially giving back to America through the stimulation of the economy through job creation. If you are able to create or preserve, at the very least, 10 permanent full-time jobs, you, your spouse, and your children under 21 are able to gain permanent citizenship.

When you are applying for an EB-5, it is absolutely crucial that you find an EB-5 lawyer who will provide you the greatest opportunity to successfully gain citizenship through the EB-5 investor program. Though each EB-5 attorney will bring their own expertise to the table, there are several key characteristics that you should look for before you decide on someone to help you through the EB-5 process.

Knowledge of Business & Immigration

When looking for a EB-5 lawyer, choose someone who has experience in this area of law. EB-5 visas are different from many of the other types of immigration paperwork because the information provided must meet the requirements both legally and financially. The Securities Exchange Commission sets forth the rules for investments and the EB-5 program. Applying for EB-5 is also the intersection of business and immigration, and so employing a lawyer who grasps these areas of law and the interplay between them will be able to guide you through the process and towards having the most success. You are not only making an investment towards your future – gaining citizenship – but you are also making financial investments, as well.

Experience Preparing EB-5 Visas

Not only should your EB-5 lawyer have the knowledge needed to help you gain success, but they will also need experience: Knowledge alone, though valuable, is not enough. Experience is using that knowledge that has already been gained and putting that into practice: Experience will help your attorney know how to deal with exceptions and special circumstances. The EB-5 lawyer who you should be looking for is one who is filing EB-5 visas weekly or monthly. As mentioned, they be able to observe USCIS and how they are currently looking at visas right now. With this experience, these lawyers will be able to help you have a greater chance of gaining approval on the first round of review.

Direct Investments vs. Regional Center

An investment advisor will probably be a better resource for determining what kind of investment you should make for your EB-5. To pick the best EB-5 lawyer for you, we would recommend speaking with an investment advisor first to determine what type of investment you should make, so that you can find the lawyer that specializes in the type of investment that you plan to make. Some reasons for this distinction are that different types of paperwork are required for each application, and different questions must be answered depending on which type of investment you are making.


Before you hire an EB-5 lawyer, you should find out what their fees will be through the entire process in which you need their advisory services. Also, ask how much of the process they will actually guide you through for the quote that they give you. EB-5 attorneys usually assist you with these aspects of the process:

  • Filling out all the proper documents and filing them correctly
  • Reviewing needed documents such as those related to loans, partnership, and more
  • The evaluation of your funds
  • Documents for and related to Private Placement Memorandum

As we mentioned, but feel the need to stress, when you get a quote for an EB-5 lawyer’s services, request that they tell you about every cost and fee that you will encounter for the entire process.


When considering the right EB-5 lawyer, you must also analyze their style of communication and how it will function with yours. Often, a determining factor in the success of any partnership is the ability for the two parties to communicate. Questions to ask include:

  • How well do they understand me and my needs?
  • Do they thoroughly answer my questions?
  • Are they available to answer my questions?
  • Do they communicate in a timely manner and clearly?

Though this may seem like a small aspect to consider when choosing your EB-5 lawyer, it can make a world of difference between the success of your partnership and ultimately your success in the EB-5 investor program.


This is also another characteristic that may seem minor when you are looking for an EB-5 investment lawyer, but it can also play a considerable role in your success and really, the peace of mind that you have through the EB-5 investor program process. A main question to ask is, “Does the attorney who you are considering seem to care about you as a client? Do you feel that they see you as an individual with individual needs? Do they grasp what it means to gain permanent citizenship for you and your family?” An EB-5 lawyer should exhibit professionalism and personability at the same time.

In Conclusion

When choosing an EB-5 lawyer, be sure to take your time so that you can find someone who really will meet your needs and be an affordable investment that will pay off in giving you the greatest potential for first-round approval and, in the future, permanent residency for you and your family in the US.

We are American Venture Solutions EB-5: Who Are We?

American Venture Solutions EB-5 is an investor program: We pride ourselves in providing the most reliable EB-5 investment opportunities; the opportunities that we provide are to accredited foreign investors and their families.

What Sets Us Apart

We are the only USCIS-approved Regional Center that also provided projects that are directly under the supervision of Forbes-400 partner groups. We are also in full compliance of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our Regional Centers

We have three regional centers: Lake Point Capital Partners, Lake Point EcoVentures, and Lake Point Logistics. Lake Point Logistics is currently available for investment opportunities; it is a trucking venture in South Florida that is striving to meet the need for the transportation of aggregate materials. Lake Point Logistics is the first independently owned and operated heavy hauling company in the area.

Our fourth and newest center is located in Tennessee and is currently being developed by our team of EB-5 lawyers. This center will specialize in land development, timber harvesting, and hay production. We are very excited to offer EB-5 investors another investment option.

What We Can Do For You

If you would like to join many others as one of our EB-5 investors in our highly successful investment ventures, contact us! We would love to help you find an EB-5 investment option that is right for you and will give you the success and permanent citizenship opportunities that you are looking for your family in the US. We have offices in Miami, London, Vietnam, and India. Email or call us today!

Have more questions about the process? Read our blog about EB-5 related topics and contact us!