What to Look For in A Direct, Pooled EB-5 Investment

As I’ve expressed many times before, there is no safer EB-5 investment than one which:

  • Has a consistent record of investor approvals
  • Has a U.S. operating partner with solid financial capacity, able to keep the business operating when the economy fluctuates and
  • Is administered by a Managing Partner whose neck is on the line should things go wrong.

That is how we built American Venture Solutions EB-5 Regional Center.  With a 100% record of investor approvals and exclusively offering the only Forbes 400 U.S. EB-5 operating partners, AVS has delivered consistently for our EB-5 investors.  And as owner and operator of AVS, I remain squarely responsible for insuring that our EB-5 investor funds are administered EXACTLY as we have promised you.

With our Regional Center project inventory wrapping up and new project approval timelines taking up to two years, AVS’  focus now is to identify the most solid and proven Direct EB-5 projects we can find for our investors.  Here’s what you need to look for in such projects:

  • In a perfect world, there is nothing better than what AVS has been able to offer through our Regional Center projects: EB-5 offerings which have been funded through USCIS-approved bridge capital, permitting the jobs to be created on timely basis.  In our past projects, through U.S. partner short-term loans compliant with EB-5 policies, we’ve been in the position to offer investors Limited Partnership slots which ALREADY had the necessary 10 jobs created…before the investor even invested.  In the context of Direct EB-5 as in Regional Center offerings, this requires an extremely well-funded U.S. partner with resources in play long before EB-5 funds are realized.  AVS has already created two such direct, pooled EB-5 projects with pre-existing and proven jobs driven by bridge capital to be replaced by EB-5 dollars.
  • Direct EB-5 should always mean “Pooled” investment offerings for multiple investors which consolidate efficient direct job creation “machines” to over-create the necessary 10-jobs-per-investor and manage the business cost-effectively.  Why “pooled”?  Because U.S. direct EB-5 sellers have much to gain with “divide and conquer” strategies designed to insulate them from risk…and expose EB-5 investors to MORE risk.  Franchise, single-operator setmar-ups marketing to direct EB-5 investors are not only asking you to risk your $500,000 on a standalone business in the U.S. which is subject to all normal business risks….they are also insulating themselves from liability by hiding behind the franchisor/franchisee badge!  Check out how things can go WAY wrong by reading what happened with Quizno’s Subs’ franchisees…then imagine how much more complicated things would be if your family’s residency was on the line!

A “pooled” individual investor EB-5 can be structured and managed with the same transparency and accountability offered by the best Regional Center projects by focusing on service industry operations (e.g. restaurant, hotels, etc.), generating an oversupply of DIRECT EB-5 jobs and assuring both competent management of the business as well as ample job creation to satisfy EB-5 requirements.  I’ll candidly tell you that in an industry reviled for its many scams, it is my honor and pleasure to sit down with a prospective investors and say…

“You know those 10 jobs you are going to need to prove you created a couple of years from now?  Let me show you how we have already them…before you invest in our project.”

Nothing succeeds like success, Folks, and AVS knows how to make your family’s American Dream come true through our carefully crafted EB-5 project offerings! (-: