Welcome…to the Machine

Well, today is the fifth day of my joining Bernstein Osberg-Braun & De Moraes and what a ride it's been so far.  It's been six-plus years since Lorenzo bought me out at Latour & Lleras and my first reentry into a "real" office environment (as opposed to working from home)…and smooth as silk.

Roger Bernstein and I knew each other about a decade ago, and the coincidences which led me to contact him and, within hours, agree to work for him, are too many and too powerful to discuss in this blog.  It suffices to say that our stars seem to be very aligned and that joining forces – rather, this lone ranger joining the immigration Jedi's Roger and Linda (Osberg-Braun) have put together – is probably far more karmic than pragmatic…although the whole deal is certainly oozing with pragmatism.

A day in my sunny office on Biscayne (with a great view of Home Depot a nice one of the bay) is not that different than an episode of Star Trek, with Kirk and the crew dealing with assorted aliens, some in trouble, some with agendas, and some who can be, at times, rather unpleasant.  But armed to the teeth with our collective INS/USCIS/DOJ/STATE DEPT. experience, I can truthfully say that of the 20+ complex cases I've been introduced to so far this week, there has not been a single occasion where, between all of us, we could not come up with a solution.  Seriously.

I have to fix the blog home page but in the interim, please note my new contact information:

Jose E. Latour, Esq.

Bernstein Osberg-Braun & de Moraes

11900 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 700

Miami, FL 33181

Tel. (305)895-0300, Ext. 3228


So drop me a line, say hi, and stop by my new digs if you are so inspired.  It is truly a pleasure to have the internal engine of my intellect once again running at its destined redline RPM.