URGENT UPDATE to AVS EB-5 Investors Re Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

Note: the following post is extracted from an emergency email message sent by AVS EB-5 Managing Director José Latour to all AVS investors in the U.S. and abroad in the hope that it can prevent further family separations resulting from the poorly-thought-out and hastily-executed executive orders changing long-established U.S. immigration policies.  We encourage our readers abroad who are residents of the U.S. to IMMEDIATELY contact their U.S. immigration attorney before planning any travel to the U.S., in order to properly prepare for a safe and uneventful U.S. airport arrival.



Dear AVS EB-5 Investors and Friends:

I am sending this urgent notice directly to you to relay some extremely important information in light of the chaos resulting from President Trump’s new executive orders affecting U.S. immigration.  For more details, please refer to the “News” section of where we will be posting more complete information and analysis.  Here are the key things you need to know right now:

1- Despite the global confusion over the ill-executed change in policy, the only nationalities specifically affected are those from the 7 target nations identified in the order: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.  (AVS EB-5 does not currently have any investors from those nations.)

2- There is no immediate impact on nationals of Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, or any other nation , only those seven aforementioned targeted nationalities.

3- While the order initially prohibited the U.S. reentry of certain U.S. residents from those seven nations, several federal courts swiftly stayed the order and the Trump administration has expressly reversed its policy, saying that U.S. residents returning to the U.S. from abroad will NOT be subject to the order…HOWEVER…..

4- Even if you are NOT from one of these seven countries, you CAN be adversely affected so read this carefully!!  The order has created travel complications worldwide and even U.S. border and customs agents are still unclear on how to apply the order.  Rumors regarding the now-terminated policy of stopping U.S.residents from reentering the U.S. has triggered a massive influx of U.S. permanent residents residing abroad rushing back to the U.S. to make sure they can enter.  This is extremely dangerous for U.S. permanent residents who have spend comparatively little time in the U.S. in the recent past!

Here’s why: under U.S. law, a permanent resident must “intend” to reside in the U.S. permanently, and that determination is subjectively made by the U.S. official admitting the resident into the U.S.  Unless a U.S. resident has been granted a Reentry Permit in advance excusing them for remaining outside of the U.S. for a significant period of time,  U.S. residents who have been primarily residing abroad CAN and WILL be detained at the airport and possibly be subjected to termination of U.S. residency.

Given the complexity of the situation, we are asking our family of investors, partners, and friends to please spread the word to ALL U.S. Residents currently living outside the United States:  if you have been spending a substantial portion of your time residing outside of the United States in the past year or longer,  DO NOT schedule a trip to the U.S. without speaking to your immigration attorney BEFORE booking your ticket!!!  Failure to do so can possibly lead to your being subjected to a finding of “abandonment of residency” upon entering the U.S.

We strongly encourage our AVS investors both already resident in the U.S. as well as those pending I-526 approval to contact AVS Miami or Vietnam offices if they have any questions, we want to make sure you and your families are fully protected from this complicated situation…we have your back as ALWAYS!