Understanding “Matter of Ho”…

If there was a Hollywood Walk of Fame for people who are gifted with the ability to explain cryptic USCIS memoranda to those of us left scratching our heads, Suzanne Lazicki would get the first star.  I don’t know Ms. Lazicki personally but I’ve been reading her brilliant blog, LucidText, for awhile now and I can say her ability to examine, ponder, and contemplate the very esoteric nuances of EB-5 policy is unparalleled.   She is a gifted writer, and her ability to cobble together a logical conclusion out of the sundry puzzle pieces we are given via policy memoranda, etc. always impresses.  When she tackles one of these themes, reading her blog reminds me of watching one of those people who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in a minute or two:  a dual response of “Man, that looks easy” combined with “that part of my brain is simply missing”…(-;

Yesterday she did it again with her new piece on Matter of Ho as it relates to USCIS policy on business plan structuring.  Short, to the point, illuminating, and a MUST read for EB-5 practitioners who tend to get so caught up in the semantic debates of Ho particularities that they miss the forest because of all the trees.

Hats off to you, Suzanne, your efforts are much appreciated!  J

What does Matter of Ho-compliant mean?