Top 10 Places to Live – Part 2

American Venture Solutions offers viable immigrant investment opportunities to foreign investors that are looking to gain permanent residency. Though most of our website and our blogs so far have focused on what EB-5 investment programs have to offer, we felt it was important to cover topics such as where to live after you gain permanent residency. Though moving to the U.S. has many opportunities and advantages for foreigners, we also understand that knowing there is a place that will easily feel like home is important as well. In this blog, we continue to cover which cities are the most welcoming and advantageous for immigrant investors.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky probably was not the first place that you thought of as a welcoming new home for you and your family. Unlike some of the surrounding states, Louisville is an incredibly diverse community with more than 34 percent of their immigrant population being from Asia, 29 percent from Latin America, 27 percent being from Europe, and 8 percent from Africa. Louisville offers much to those wanting to call America home including translation services, resettlement and professional help.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a popular city with a lot of historically significant sites and experiences to enjoy. Along with that, this city has one of the largest Asian-born immigrant populations in the country and have prided themselves in providing a home for citizens of troubled nations. The Mayor Commission believes in promoting the celebration of diversity through a variety of means including an annual public celebration of the cultures of their citizens.

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond is another city that can be a great place to settle down in after you have immigrated to the U.S. Richmond has a high Hispanic population which makes up over half of the cities population. Because of this overwhelming majority, the local government makes the effort to provide translation services, as well as legal advice and support in other similar matters. Richmond is a place happy to welcome people from many different cultures and help them call Richmond their home.

In Conclusion

Stay tuned for part three of our blog series about the top ten places to live in the U.S. after you immigrate to America. We understand that any big transition such as this can be overwhelming and at times frustrating, but know this, that there is a place here that will provide you and your family ample opportunities for success, prosperity, and happiness.

Our immigration investment opportunities can not only be the means for you to gain permanent residency, but for you to also become a viable part of what makes this country a success. We at America Venture Solutions would love to have you join our other investors who have successfully funded and gained permanent residency into American. We currently have one project, Tennessee Restoration, available for investment. To learn more about available opportunities, visit our website or contact us!

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