Time to Discuss Options for AVSEB-5 Families with Older Kids

Dear AVS EB-5 Investor Families:

We’ve been gotting lots of questions since the EB-5 backlog for Vietnam was announced and now, with so many lawyers writing so much confusing nonsense in their self-promoting blogs, it’s getting pretty crazy.

I am reaching out to all AVSEB-5 Investor Families from Vietnam who have:

  1. Their I-526 still pending  with USCIS
  2. Kids who are 18 or older

In addition to the inconvenience of the backlog, those of you with older kids (whether still in Vietnam or already studying in the U.S.) need to understand how the Child Status Protection Act (“CSPA”) works.  While we remain hopeful that the US government will soon act to make technical corrections to the current law in order to insure that CSPA protects ALL families who filed I-526s before their eldest child turned 21, that is not the current law…so we need a Plan B.

I am asking all families who meet the above criteria to please email  AVS Vietnam in order to begin scheduling one-on-one family conferences with me so we can look at each individual child’s case, the CSPA issues, and come up with alternative solutions in immigration planning to make sure we keep 100% of our AVS families together if at all possible. We will do the conferences either via online video or in person if possible when I am in Vietnam.  (Needless to say, there will be no charge of fee for these consultations!) 

AVS EB-5 has always been about taking care of our investors, one family at a time: let’s speak soon to make sure that we stay ahead of changes and keep the family migration plan intact!

Have a great weekend!