State Law Interactive Map is UP!!

I know what you're thinking.

"Jose is a slacker and hasn't been keeping up with his blog."

Actually, half of that is correct:  I have NOT been doing a good job on updating Immigration Insider as I SHOULD be, but not because I've been slacking.  The truth is that the I-9 Advantage team has been crackin' the whip and we've finally posted it.  It looks awesome (you go Eric B) and is already the most up-to-date and accurate analysis of state legislation that has been enacted and which affects employers.  The map, however, is very much a work in progress and extremely time consuming.  The reason:  the more Washington fails to deliver solutions, the more misguided legislation pours forth from the states. 

Check out our new baby at:

And tune in often to see the latest news on workforce enforcement, fer cryin' out loud.

Peace, Jose