Sheer Pandelerium

The title, a Jeff Foxworthy quote, aptly describes the current state of workplace regulation nationwide.  In the past week, I had conversations with immigration attorney friends in different states and each made essentially the same comment: with all the changes occurring in their OWN state and hardly keeping up, how on earth am I keeping the i9 Advantage regulatory map current??  My response: I’m NOT! )-:

Much to my embarrassment, our map is less than perfect simply because the amount of time required to monitor I-9 and employment verification legislation being churned out en masse by state legislatures is simply more than I can dedicate to the mission.  Now, that being said, I can tell you this:  I am not aware of anyone out there with a more current and up to date legislative map.  But is it “real time”?  No way, Jose.

That’ll change soon.  We are looking at a variety of strategies to cope with the workload and are aware that being the best around isn’t enough…our clients, both big and small, need 100% accuracy they can rely on, and so we press on.

In the meantime, amidst this confessional, remember this much: if you want to know what is happening with employment verification legislation nationwide, your best -yet still imperfect — resource can be found at