Positive Changes on U.S. Visas for Iranian Nationals

Two of my best friends are Iranian-Americans…well, like me, they really are just plain old "Americans".  The "Iranian" prefix for these guys -  like the "Cuban" prefix for me — is really more of a heritage stamp than any sort of embedded ethnic identity.  They call me "dude", I call them "bro", and we are, basically, another subgroup of your basic Yankee Doodle Imports.

The demonization of the Iranian people has been the unfortunate consequence of U.S. policy against the various flavors of zany leadership which have governed this incredibly sophisticated, talented and productive nation since the Shah was ejected from power.

In Southern California, where LatourLaw will soon be opening our long-delayed West Coast office, there is a very large community of Iranian students, academics, and entrepreneurs who have been effectively held hostage by a U.S. visa policy which punished the good people of Iran for the sins of their self-appointed leaders.  Beginning July, my staff and I will be doing everything we can to utilize the newly-liberalized via rules for Iranians to help these folks establish normal travel options and the freedom they deserve.

Here is the SecStates brief video conveying the good news: