Palin Goes Home

[My readers:  I have edited this original article considerably because after reading it the day after I wrote it, I realized that some of my comments were sarcastic and gloating, and that is not how I wish to express myself.  I have modified the article so that it still expresses my opinion but does not treat Sarah Palin inelegantly.  We've had enough of that and as our President Elect has shown us, the high road is the best road.]

Perhaps this is harsh, but as I listened to Sarah Palin discuss her future plans a moment ago on CNN, I couldn't help but suddenly view Alaska in a different light.  In my life, I've met perhaps four or five Alaskans…without exception they have been very amazing people.   Yet as I come to understand the clear intellectual limitations of this decent  woman, I could only wonder on how McCain's team vetted her and concluded that she'd make a great VP.  The U.S. has SO MANY brilliant women in politics, many Republican, and Ms. Palin was their choice?

I realize that hindsight is 20/20 but, honestly, I just don't get it.