Orlando: EB-5 Financing of Real Estate

Well,  Brian Su's first "real-estate-focused" EB-5 event yesterday ROCKED…as expected.  The room was packed with the usual suspects — and a lot of new folks — and the topical theme was definitely more advanced than Brian's prior events.

Opening speaker Robert Divine – a top-tier EB-5 attorney — delivered a clear and consice explanation of how construction jobs interplay within job count dynamics in Regional Centers.   Ronnie Fieldstone — whose excellent article on securities compliance issues for EB-5 I published in Wednesday's Immigration Insider — did a masterful job in clarifying SEC-related issues.  (I was delighted to see his new partner — my OLD partner in the 90's — Randy Sidlosca in attendance!).

Candidly, when you are part of these events on a regular basis, you tend to measure the usefulness of the seminar by the amount of notes you find yourself taking.  Using that yardstick, yesterday's seminar was the most productive EB-5 event I've attended.  Lots of notes, lots of new perspectives.  The speakers were great, the questions were smart, and the event reflected Brian's evolving awareness of the need for more sophisticated EB-5 events.   My old friend Ed Beshara – we were friends 20 years ago, when this whole EB-5 thing was new and very scary — is now among the country's most experienced EB-5 attorneys and shared his insight with an appreciative crowd.  My partner in crime, economist Scott Barnhart, brought the house down Friday afternoon with his "economics-professor-meets-Jon-Stewart" shtick, keeping things fun.  As usual, I was the target of much of his abuse but as always, a steady stream of minor epiphanies about the intricacies of job count calculation were revealed.   Absolutely priceless education you CANNOT get anywhere else.  Thanks as always, Dr. B.

Brian, I emailed you yesterday and I'll tell you now publicly: you deserve a MEDAL for your efforts in creating what you've done with these events.  All of us in this sector appreciate your hard work and tireless efforts to keep this vital part of U.S. immigration policy at the forefront of the national immigration agenda.  Safe travels, my friend.