Okay, EB-5 Regional Centers, Time to Fess Up…

For the third time in a month, I have been made aware of I-829 denials issued to some of the self-described "top" EB-5 Regional Centers.  Now, while an EB-5 Regional Center is not required to discuss these denials, deliberately concealing them is another matter.

A number of EB-5 Regional Center sites are expressly detailing their records of approval…while conveniently failing to disclose their I-829 denials.  Folks, this isn't eBay feedback on your online used CD store…this is the record of your Regional Center's ability to obtain the permanent residency you promised your investor years ago.  You have an ethical DUTY to state such record truthfully.

It is deceptive and false advertising to enumerate your victories while failing to mention your losses. I would encourage the Regional Centers who are making this tactic part of their online marketing to either start telling the truth or, if that's not palatable, to eliminate altogether the publication of their respective win/loss records. 

If you don't, you are fair game and expect to be called on it.