Obama Socks it to U.S. H-1B and L Visa Employers

when I think I’m starting to figure out this very bright man for whom I voted
as President, another dumb move from the Obama White House.  Last week, he signed into law a so-called “border
enforcement” bill which I had assumed was part and parcel of the ongoing
response to what Arizona started.  But as
so often happens with legislation (and sausage-making), it’s the stuff that isn’t
listed on the box that they sneak past you.

out that Public Law 111-230 doesn’t just address the border…it hammers American
companies which were already paying huge fees for the
foreign workers they have to hire because they can’t find U.S. workers for the
job.  Now, if more than half of the
employers’ workers are on L or H-1B visa status and the company has more than
50 employees at their U.S. operation, the so-called “filing fee and fraud
prevention and detection fee” jumps by $2250.  If a company with 50 or more employees has a U.S.
workforce which is more than 50% L visas, that company will pay an extra $2000
for that fee.

Tata’s online buzz has folks posting
that this law is specifically anti-India, and I’m afraid I agree.  The big IT consulting companies will be hit
hardest with the new rule, and the same thing will happen.  Just as Bill Gates said “the heck with it”
and moved a large plant from Washington to Canada when Washington clobbered his
ability to hire H-1Bs, and just as hundreds of REAL U.S. jobs vanished in the
blink of an eye, expect the big Indian firms to head out of the U.S., and more
unemployed Americans.


Capitol Hill and White House: India is not on the U.S. border, but we sure are
reliant on their professionals for our technology.