November Dubai EB-5 Event Filling Up Quickly

Folks, we opened registration for the EB-5 Seminar in Dubai after Labor Day and registrations for the free November 17th event, which will take place at the Shangri-La Dubai, are pouring in.  We have only made folks aware of this through Immigration Insider and few online mentions here and there and already have filled about 30% of the 70 available seats.

There are a lot of EB-5 events going on all over the world, but our presentation is unlike anything you've seen or heard.  Instead of being "sold" anything, I will cut through all the baloney — and that's putting it politely — being pumped out by the vast majority or U.S. EB-5 Regional Centers and developers looking for YOUR investor dollars.  Attendees will hear:

  • why, as a former U.S. visa officer and EB-5 cynic, I did a 180 degree turnaround on the subject several years ago and now believe that a handful of select Regional Centers ARE smart green card AND financial investments;
  • why I am the ONLY U.S. attorney who is willing to hold attorneys fees in trust until your I-526 Investor Visa petition is approved…I don't get paid until you get approved;
  • the differences, pros, and cons of an individual EB-5 investment vs. an EB-5 Regional Center investment and how we can custom tailor an individual plan for you which stays within the $500,000 investment cap;
  • Pre-immigration tax planning and why it is IMPERATIVE, and why other laws sweep the issue under the rug
  • how so many EB5 Regional Centers hide their fundamental flaws in terms of protecting your investment, securing the 10-jobs-per-investor, and general partner "omnipotence"
  • the importance of an exit strategy which is REAL
  • the online LIES perpetuated by a number of "leading" Regional Centers
  • why most immigration attorneys don't examine the fundamental structure of the EB-5 Regional Center they are recommending
  • why the due diligence conducted on the underlying owners and general partners is far more critical than the DD you do on the particular investment project
  • the dangers of certain "Umbrella" Regional Centers
  • How most equity-based EB-5 Regional Center projects wind up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • WHICH are the "handful" of Regional Centers which meet my exacting criteria and why I am willing to make your visa approval a pre-requisite to my getting paid for the immigration work.

So far, only a small percentage of the folks coming to the Dubai seminar are resident in the UAE…most are coming in from other countries for the event, including Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.  I am presenting the seminar for free because this is the first visit I make to your part of the world and I am looking to forge bona fide, lasting relationships with Middle Eastern investors who are qualified to invest for U.S. permanent residency and who are planning a future in America.  I invite you to join us at this debut event since it may not be repeated for another year or so, and since there will be a seminar fee in future events.

If you are in the position to invest $500,000 to secure permanent U.S. residency for you and your family and want to learn more, please join us at the beautiful Shangri-La Dubai on November 17, 2010, for what promises to be a dynamic presentation, a lively Q & A session, both followed by several days of private client assessments to help you in building your migration plan to the U.S.

Here's the link:   Latour's EB-5 Investor Seminar-DUBAI 

See you in November!!