Modest Proposal #2: How to Help the Auto Industry AND Consumers

This one is simple, though the relevance to immigration is, uh, vague:

-The government is giving the auto industry $25 billion dollars
-There are about 200 million drivers in the U.S.
-That breaks down to $125 per driver
-Let's hypothesize that a driver buys a new car every 5 years and forget that many drivers do not own cars
-Multiply $125 by 5 = $625

Instead of giving the cash to a failing industry, lets offer $625 vouchers available on a first come first serve basis, with a six month expiration, only valid for U.S. manufactured vehicles.  The consumer cuts his/her best deal without divulging the voucher and when they are ready to sign, the voucher goes to the dealer.

This not only gets the money in the hands of the consumers, it stimulates demand AND allows free market dynamics, i.e., the money ends up in the hands of the U.S. companies which are most attractive to U.S. consumers.

Guys, this isn't that hard! (-:  Jose