Miami: the HEALTHIEST City in the U.S. (and #6 in the WORLD!)

I was 4 when my parents and I immigrated to Miami and let me tell you: it was a very different place than it is today.  Having grown up here, my childhood memories are of clear waters, snorkeling the beach, suntan lotion and steamy summers.  It was a very laid back and relax part of the U.S. when I was a kid.

Fast forward to 2019, and things are very different:  crazy traffic, tall buildings everywhere, urban sprawl.  (For those of you from Saigon, you will definitely relate!)   But guess what:  those same clear waters, seashells to be discovered in 3 feet of water by snorkeling 8 year olds, and sunburnt shoulders are STILL giving kids today the same irreplaceable experience of growing up in a subtropical paradise with all the blessings of geography, opportunity, international business…and the security of living in America.

I joke with people that Miami is known in Europe, India, and Latin America as “OOOH-Miami”.  That’s because when people ask me where I live and I tell them, their eyes look heaven-ward, they smile and say….”Ohhhhhhh-MIAMI!!!”…which is immediately followed by either:

1- the story of what an incredible vacation they or their friend had there or

2- How they’ve always dreamed of going there.

Having spent most of my last few years in the air between OOOOH-Miami and Vietnam – truthfully, I DO frequently call it “AHHHH-Vietnam”, when I am thinking about the food, the people, the beaches and the adventures I’ve had there — I am now making an effort to “re-embed” myself in Miami.  I believe Miami offers our Vietnam clients and investors tremendous lifestyle opportunities which are simply superior to those of other U.S. locations, even those most-often selected destinations such as California and Oregon.  For one, NO STATE INCOME TAXES in Florida.  That’s a BIG blog unto itself but, trust me…it’s a big deal.

But the main reason I think you need to consider investing in and immigrating to Miami is “childhood”.  It is remarkable that a half a century later, little kids at the beach are finding the same seashells that I was finding at that very same beach so many years ago.  With Miami and opportunities galore all around.  Take a look at this new study looking into why Miami is among the healthiest cities in the world….

Miami: The Healthiest City in America and 6th in the World

P.S. If you are curious, here’s the link to the whole list: List of the Healthiest Cities in the World