Look for Useful EB-5 Investments

If you’re looking into beginning an EB-5 investment partnership with a United States company, there are a few things you should look into first. In our previous blog, we addressed the basics of how to detect and avoid a fraudulent or dangerous investment, today we’ll take a more optimistic approach by pointing out ways to identify lucrative, worthwhile investments.

Doubling Your EB-5 Equity

The EB-5 program is a fantastic win-win; the United States economy, both locally and domestically, benefits from the inflowing investments created by the EB-5 program, while the investors themselves get to reap the benefits of US residency or citizenship for themselves and their families. Both parties, however, stand to benefit even beyond the 500,000 dollar initial investment if the entrepreneurs welcomed into the country continue to thrive and invest in further industry, committing far more to the US economy themselves, and through any children that develop more successful families here.

The Spirit of the United States

While it may not always seem clear, especially in the years of relative xenophobia that strike at countries like the United States, this country was and is built upon the success of those from other nations. Lovingly referred to as “The Melting Pot of the World,” the United States has long enjoyed the success of the best and brightest from around the world that contribute to the ideas and industries here, and then ultimately influence the entire world. Whether through the “Genius Visa” program that grants residency for the most intelligent people in the world to come here for education, the EB-5 program that promotes investors, or any number of other industry-related immigration policies, it is clear that the United States still pledges a great amount of resources into attracting the most successful people from around the globe.

An Ideal EB-5 Candidate

What the United States is truly looking for in its EB-5 applicants, residents, and citizens is a contribution to this economy in the form of families that will bring all-new ideas and industries to the country. With this in mind, it is important that you, as an EB-5 candidate, consider how you will contribute to the economy. Of course, it is quite a challenge to find an underserved industry from another country, which is why you’ll need a domestic company to invest in and partner with; as your financial support and entrepreneurial insight help to grow the business, the business in-turn helps you and your family achieve residency and citizenship in this country.

Finding Your Investment

As an EB-5 investor, you must find the right ways to invest your money. In the ideal situation, the business that you help to create should serve a need that is yet untapped or underutilized in this country, especially those that are sure to see steady demand curves over the estimated 5 years that it takes for citizenship. At American Venture Solutions, we have chosen to partner with projects that provide a safe 5-year growth curve, such as our Lake Point project, which has grown to create even more local jobs and investment opportunities than initially anticipated, all because the idea for investment partnership was sound to begin with. You want to find a company with this level of success and market foresight to give yourself the best possible odds to see your residency, citizenship, and successful start to entrepreneurship in this country – which is truly a win/win for your family and the United States.

Our EB-5 Program

As mentioned above, the success of our Lake Point project has encouraged growth well beyond one project or region; we now look to expand EB-5 investments to various industries across the country and will continue to show our commitment to foreign entrepreneurs, local markets, and the United States economy alike by skillfully arranging for successful projects on behalf of each party. If you’re interested in learning more about your path to residency and citizenship in this country, then be sure to contact a member of our investment team to learn more about the opportunities we have available, as well as how our EB-5 program can work for you.

Find your path to United States residency and citizenship in our EB-5 program today!