LatourLaw Vietnam’s GRENADA EDUCATION WEEK is Around the Corner!


[Inset L-R: Newfield & Latour at project site; Gran Anse Beach, Grenada; LL VN Grenada Co-Counsel Afi Ventour & LL VN Director Monica Pham]

Investing in Grenada CBI/E-2: 

Understanding Your Options

Grenada Ambassador at Large and Consul General H.E. Warren Newfield arrives next week in Saigon as the invited guest of LatourLaw Vietnam, along with LatourLaw founder Jose Latour, to present an event focusing on the Grenada’s second passport option and U.S. E-2 Treaty Investor visa options for CBI Investors.

LatourLaw, an AV Preeminent US law firm with over 25 years experience in structuring investments through the E-1, E-2, and L-1 nonimmigrant visas,  has assisted hundreds of foreign investors navigate the process of launching an initial businss investment in the U.S.  After their families experience life in America, many of these investors subsequently decide to convert their temporary investor status into U.S. permanent residency.  For Vietnamese investors considering a Grenadian passport and U.S. E-2 investment, the two keys to successfully navigating the process are:

  1. Understanding U.S. immigration and taxation laws to strategically protect the investor while assuring 100% compliance with U.S. laws and
  2. Creating a comprehensive plan of action for the family immigration process from CBI passport investment to U.S. business selection and launch through successful E-2 visa approvals.

The decision to offer the Grenada CBI program is one which did not come lightly to the law firm, which has never in the past endorsed or presented any CBI/second passport program to its global client base.  But after over a year of carefully considering Grenada’s unique CBI benefits, meetings with Newfield, and several visits to Grenada Jose Latour decided that Grenada’s unique relationship with the U.S. and the E-2 Treaty Investor visa option that comes with it is the right solution for Vietnam investors interesting in exploring life in America in a matter of months instead of years:

The Grenada CBI passport option combined with a prudent E-2 business investment in the U.S. permits Vietnamese investors to relocate families to the U.S. in a matter of months instead of years. Moreover, backed by LatourLaw’s decades of experience in successfully relocating hundreds of families to the U.S. on nonimmigrant business visas, combining the Grenada CBI with an E-2 investment option gives our clients the unique opportunity to explore the reality of life in America…before making a commitment to U.S. permanent residency. “

-Jose E. Latour, Esq. Founder of LatourLaw

LatourLaw is pleased to offer its Vietnam clients the comprehensive Grenada CBI/E-2 solution it has specifically crafted for Vietnam investors who need to relocate to the U.S. in the near future as opposed to waiting for EB-5 backlogs to clear.  The firm offers Vietnamese investors full process management including Grenada-compliant bank funding via LatourLaw’s US IOTA Trust Account, selection of Grenada CBI investment option, identification and launch of US E-2 enterprise, and ongoing logistical and legal support.  In the hosted event, prospective investors will have an opportunity to hear about Grenada’s program from Ambassador Newfield while Mr. Latour addresses the complex subject of navigating the process from Vietnam to a successful business enterprise in the U.S. via the Grenada model.  

Please note: while the general overview to be provided by Mssrs. Newfield and Latour will provide prospective investors with the introductory information on this complex family migration structure, LatourLaw believes that each investor family must develop a bespoke and fully personalized migration process plan which addresses specific family timelines, school schedules, tax considerations, and compliance with the various U.S. and Grenada laws associated with the process.  In order to provide this detailed assessment,  Mr. Latour will remain in Saigon through the end of October for a limited number of pre-scheduled one-on-one family meetings with pre-approved and eligible prospective investors.  Interested prospective investors should contact LatourLaw Vietnam  promptly as appointments are being rapidly filled.