LatourLaw Vietnam Launches Grenada CBI Passport/E-2 Treaty Trader/Managed Franchise Package

LatourLaw Vietnam is proud to launch something we’ve been working on all year: our Grenada CBI Passport/E-2 Treaty Trader/Managed Franchise Package.

Sigh.  I know.  It’s a more than a mouthful, way too many words.  But how can you come up with a short and catchy phrase for something that involves the careful transition of life to the U.S. for a Vietnamese family while handling second passports, E-2 family visas, and the selection, launch, and ongoing management of a new American franchise??

I suppose we could create some sort of acronym by taking the first letter of each word….let’s see…”GCBIPE2TTMFP”??  Catchy enough for you? LOL! (-:  Anyway….

This month represents the 2 Year Anniversary of our beautiful AVS Vietnam office in Saigon, and lots of great things are happening as we continue to grow our Vietnam team.  But in terms of buzz, nothing is getting more attention than this unique new CBI/E-2 Treaty Investor/Managed Franchise Package we have developed specifically for our Vietnamese clients seeking to relocate to the U.S. in months and not years.   The response from prospective investors both in Vietnam and abroad has been overwhelming.  For the first time, AVS Vietnam and LatourLaw Vietnam are offering a turnkey, managed package which takes our family from Saigon to their own operating U.S. franchise in one carefully organized solution and with ongoing Vietnamese language support in the U.S.

As the “catchy” title indicates, it is COMPLICATED!  To pull this off, you not only need a veteran team of crack immigration professionals who speak Vietnamese and are conveniently located in Saigon, but you need the best legal representation for selecting a CBI passport investment program, the franchise which your family will ultimately own and operate in the U.S., and the E-2 visa expertise to secure status for all family members.   It requires expertise only LatourLaw Vietnam and AVS Vietnam can deliver.  The reality is that there is simply no other professional service provider in Vietnam which can deliver the turnkey solution we are offering fully in-house, without relying on third parties.  AVS has a sterling 7 year records of 100% EB-5 approvals worldwide.  It is the only USCIS-certified EB-5 Regional Center with full time offices in Vietnam.  LatourLaw is the only AV-rated U.S. immigration law firm with full time offices in Vietnam and over 27 years in private law practice helping families immigrate to the U.S. 

As we have meticulously worked the details of this new program, I never bothered to count up the total number of specific tasks our international teams need to undertake to help a client identify the best U.S. franchise for their objectives, negotiate and execute the franchise agreement, identify the location and build out of the business, staff the new enterprise, take them through the passport investment process through Grenada’s unparalleled CBI program AND, concurrently, craft a bespoke E-2 Treaty Investor structure which the U.S. consulate will approve…but I think it’s fair to say that the number of steps would exceed the number of parts which make up a Rolex watch.  And, like a Rolex, the hundreds of parts are meaningless if they not properly assembled and a calibrated by an expert craftsman.  SOOO…..

If you want your family legally living, working and studying in the U.S. with your own operating business in less than one calendar year, LatourLaw Vietnam is your only solution.  Because the only thing worse than finding out that the Rolex for which you paid U.S. $7500 is fake is learning that the U.S. immigration solution in which you invested U.S.$750,000  is a total scam.