LatourLaw Debuts Grenada Passport/E-2 Turnkey Package in Vietnam

LatourLaw Vietnam has had a busy and exciting week with the introduction of its first-ever Citizenship-By-Investment (“CBI”) offering to investor clients considering their immigration options.  On Tuesday, Ambassador Warren Newfield, developer of Grenada’s top CBI project Kawana Bay, joined the LLVN team in educating a group of prospective investors on the fine points of Grenada’s superior passport program, the exciting Kimpton Kawana Bay project, and how to tie it all together with the prospect of investing in the U.S. through an E-2 Treaty Investor visa.

The E-2 visa is available only to nationals of countries which have a treaty of trade and commerce with the United States, which most countries do not have.  As the only CBI program in the world offered by a country with such a treaty, Grenada’s CBI program offers Vietnamese investor options which are simply unavailable from any other passport program. Moreover, with its growing economy driven by St. George’s University, one of the world’s top medical and veterinary universities, Grenada as a jurisdiction offers Vietnamese investors a host of interesting in-country investment and development opportunities.

While the Kawana Bay project has other representatives in Vietnam, in entering the CBI market LatourLaw decided to follow its proven philosophy used by AVS EB-5: offer only the BEST CBI program and only the absolute BEST investment project.  The reality is that Grenada with its E-2 option, visa-free travel beneifits, favorable tax laws, and mature and developed banking sector makes it the ONLY CBI program which makes any sense for a HNW Vietnamese investor.  We ONLY want to offer our clients the BEST, and 7 years after starting EB-5 marketing in Vietnam, AVS today has a proven record of 100% success.  Our first U.S. permanent residency approvals (finally!) were issued last week and AVS today will issue the first $500,000 divestment/return of EB-5 capital, proving our commitment to delivering not only U.S. permanent residency…but the FULL return of EB-5 investor funds.  Our remarkable record is in large part attributable to the fact that AVS EB-5 made the decision from Day One to work exclusively with only ONE U.S. job-creating partner, the ONLY Forbes 400 U.S. partner ever involved in EB-5.  Seven years later, with 150% job creation, the results speak for themselves.

Our method of pursuing excellence (instead of “highest commissions”…like everyone else) works.  So, after a year of carefully studying the various CBI programs, we decided Grenada’s was the best.  Then, after reviewing Grenada’s approved projects, LatourLaw concluded that the Grenada CBI/Kawana Bay combination will offer our investors the same level of integrity, transparency and proven results AVS EB=5 has successfully delivered to our EB-5 investors.  The Kimpton Kawana Bay project was designed and developed by True Blue Development Limited, a division of Mr. Newfield’s multifaceted Tau Capital Group, an international development group with over two decades of successful project development in multiple industries all over the world.  There is simply no other CBI project in Grenada’s market with this level of proven success and reputation, and we are convinced that True Blue’s efforts in Grenada will have a powerful economic impact on the beautiful island’s economy in the coming years.

LatourLaw Vietnam, as the only “AV Preeminent” rated U.S. law firm offering full services in Vietnam with Vietnamese language support, provides its clients with a “family office” level of service wherein all international investment and migratory decisions and operational executions are channeled via our Vietnam and U.S. offices.  Whether it’s applying for Grenadian nationality, exploring U.S. E-2 business options, evaluating franchise opportunities, purchasing real estate, global tax planning or organizing a joint venture with trusted friends/colleagues in the U.S., LatourLaw Vietnam offers Vietnamese investor clients comprehensive, full-service legal representation to all points abroad through its Saigon and Miami offices.  LatourLaw is 100% committed to the Vietnam market and continues to expand its legal support for Vietnamese investor clients through further office openings in Washington, D.C. and Orange County, California, planned for 2019.  We will be there for you and your family in Vietnam and in the U.S. today, tomorrow, and in the future as you build your new lives.  

Find out why more than 40% of our new clients are referred by our EXISTING clients.  Jose Latour will be in Hanoi and Saigon until Tuesday, October 30, and still has a few appointment openings for interested Vietnamese investors considering the Grenada CBI/U.S. E-2 option for their families.  Please contact our Vietnam Hotline at 0938613062 to schedule your appointment.