Lake Point 4th of July Newsletter

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Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. 

 ~Albert Camus

On Independence Day many Americans are taking time to reflect on the principles and values that define our great nation. We are grateful each day for the opportunities that freedom allow us to have.    Along with our Freedom comes the opportunity to be free thinking and the opportunity to be the best we can be. 

At Lake Point Restoration, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and wish you continued success in your ventures.   


Quality Products    Strategic Location     Unique Public-Private Partnership 


Located on SR 76 in the heart of Port Mayaca, FL, just 9 miles west of the Beeline (SR710) Highway,  Lake Point Restoration is an FDOT Certified Mine #89-673. We produce a wide variety of products, which include coarse aggregate, base rock, Rip Rap and specialty sand products.  Contact our sales department for material pricing on your job.

Our Materials:

Commercial # 4 Stone

Commercial # 5 Stone

Commercial #57 Stone

Commercial #89 Stone

Commercial #1 Stone

Commercial Stabilizer

Coarse Sand

Wash Out Sand

General Fill

LBR 40 Fill (average)

FDOT Ditch lining

FDOT  Bank and Shore

FDOT Code F-20 – Asphalt Screenings

FDOT Code C-51 S1-B – Asphalt Aggregate

Rip Rap



Custom sizing available up to 4′

Fax: 561.924.9101

Physical Address:
25818 SW Kanner Hwy.
Port Mayaca, Fl 33438

Mailing Address:
P.O.BOX 69
Indiantown, Fl 34956

25818 SW Kanner Hwy.
Port Mayaca, Florida 33438