Kudos With a Disclaimer

My good friend from EB-5 Land, Michael Gibson, recently published an internal “EB-5 Yearbook”, memorializing some of the people, events, and developments in our very specialized little legal community this past year.  I was delighted to see an entry about me in the yearbook…and had to smile when I read Michael’s disclaimer (which effectively gives the article an unwritten subtitle akin to “Jose and his Big Mouth”…) (-:

Truth be told — and, of course, that’s what I tend to do, much to the dismay of many — there are a lot of folks out there who are annoyed when I reveal truths which disrupt their less-than-truthful money-making.  I never name names but as we all pretty much know, it’s not hard to figure things out when there are so few visible players.

Thanks for the plug with the caveat, MG, and remember, Readers: if you aren’t disrupting the status quo, the wool is rapidly growing over your eyes!

JEL in Gibson yearbook