It’s Official: the Vietnam EB-5 Backlog is Here

The U.S. State Department has just released the Visa Bulletin for May 2018 and the Vietnamese EB-5 cut off date is finally a reality.  There are literally dozens of blogs and interpretations on what this means for Vietnamese EB-5 investors and while many are useful, an equal number rely on conjecture and speculation.  The reality is that this new development’s full implication is as of yet unknown and will depend on both the specific substance, timing, and language of the pending EB-5 regulatory reforms expected to be implemented in the coming months. 

Specifically, the May Visa Bulletin states:

“Continued heavy applicant demand will result in the Vietnam Employment Fifth preference (EB-5) category reaching the per-country annual limit during April. As a result it has been necessary to impose a final action date on this preference for the month of May to control number use for the remainder of the fiscal year.  It can be expected that the Vietnam Employment Fifth preference category will remain subject to a final action date for the foreseeable future.’

So where does that leave prospective Vietnamese EB-5 investors today?

  • If you wish to invest at the current $500,000  TEA level, you need to do so as soon as possible, before the price doubles (which can happen at anytime, even before Sept.30th.
  • New Vietnamese investors funding and filing I-526s NOW will be at the front of the Vietnam EB-5 queue, which is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years the same way the China EB-5 queue has grown.
  • The pressure to end the TEA fraud perpetrated by Big EB-5 developers in Manhattan and the other wealthiest parts of America cities is great, so choosing a project which has proven job creation AND is in a clearly qualified, genuine TEA (whether urban or rural) is critical if you want to be CERTAIN you truly qualify for the $500,000 EB-5. 
  • Since there are only several proven EB-5 projects which are both:located in TRUE,  undisputable Targeted Employment Areas andwhich have already proven I-829 historical job creation, assuring permanent residency requirements for its investors.

So, yes, while there are dozens of smooth-talkng immigration agents pushing all kinds of EB-5 projects in the Vietnam market,  the smart choice is actually very easy for educated EB-5 investors in Vietnam:

  1.  Find a TRUE TEA project which will not be affected when TEA reform is implemented
  2.  Determine if the EB-5 Regional Center is just there to collect your money and disappear…or whether they will be managing your family’s EB-5 process from beginning to permanent residency.
  3. Meet he U.S. job-creating partners who will be spending your money and see if they are proven successes…or proven failures.
  4. Identify an EB-5 Project and Regional Center which has a full time office and employees in Vietnam and will serve as an ongoing resource…not a project which is just in town to collect your funds from an agent and disappear.
  5. Ask to speak to other EB-5 investors from Vietnam who selected the project. 

American Venture Solutions is committed permanently to the Vietnam market and in addition to helping EB-5 investors, we are here to guide our Vietnamese families through U.S. investment opportunites, real estate purchasing, and in assisting Vietnamese students to successfully prepare for a bright college future in the U.S.