In Houston to Explore the EB-5

[Note to Readers:  after trying every possible camera angle, lighting and HD resolution variation, I have come to the conclusion that despite the ease of presenting my blog as a video, it borders on cruelty to the viewer.  Accordingly, I am shelving my Peter Jennings aspirations and returning to the written word.]

At the Doubletree in Houston — yes, I ate the warm chocolate chip cookie while it was still warm — getting ready for Brian Su's big event tomorrow:

EB-5 Regional Center Workshop

I'm looking forward to all the speakers but I must admit that I am most eager to hear what John Jiang, Henry Global Group's U.S. Managing Director, has to say. HGG is one of the largest EB-5 agencies in China, with over 50 offices there and in the U.S. Unlike many of their counterparts, HGG actually looks CAREFULLY at pending RC projects and undertakes due diligence for their investors.  Brian says that John recently returned from China with all kinds of interesting news on EB-5 developments there so it should be one of the many highlights we get tomorrow.

I'll take good notes for you but, remember, there's a reason why Brian fills these seminar seats.  If you are serious about raising foreign venture capital for your U.S. project, I strongly recommend you catch the event next time around.  There is simply no more cost-effective crash course on what everyone who is consideration the formation of an EB-5 Regional Center truly needs to know…