If Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery…

…well, then has every right to be blushing: our competition is starting to look, well, a LOT more like us!  As we scour the Web daily to keep our clients and readers up to date with the latest developments in workforce compliance, part of our searches includes our competitors.  Funny how the release of that priceless, excruciatingly-difficult-to-design-and-execute State Legislative Map has triggered a whole bunch of lookalike maps on other sites (albeit linked to the same erroneous information as before in most cases.)   The fact is that a substantial amount of information we gather comes from attorneys, agency officials, and others those of us at i9A have befriended in our two-plus decades of trying to keep employers safe and sound.  As an attorney with a considerable investment in time in the development of our protected intellectual property, you know what I think about all this “borrowing” from our information?

I think it’s GREAT. 

Honestly.  I believe that the situation in I-9 compliance is SOOOOO disastrous and the stakes so high that each time ANYONE sounds the trumpets of new information  — even if that information is something they cut and pasted out of our own website — it is good for U.S. employers.  It’s not just that there is more than enough business to go around for those of us involved in compliance; it’s that the mainstream media and business publications seem more intent on pumping out the tabloid-like tales of raids (okay, well, alright…just like the one I wrote about a minute ago right here…(-:) than on matters of substantive compliance of use to employers.  In other words, the more people there are talking about this, the more employers will wake up and realize that a comprehensive I-9 management solution is no longer a luxury but an indispensable necessity.

Remember this: i9 Advantage is the ONLY I-9 compliance solution designed by in-house, full time programmer/partners AND legally monitored by a grizzled old compliance attorney who does this full time as well (yours truly).  If you want compliance straight from the horse’s mouse, write me.  And for those of you “borrowing” so enthusiastically from us, an invitation:

Try i9advantage as your technology and not only will your service quality and sales

…but you’ll sleep better at night knowing you did the right thing. (-: