Identifying Successful Regional Projects

There are plenty of EB-5 regional projects to choose from, nearly 500 in fact. While not all of these are accepting investors at any given time, there are still an incredible amount to choose from when you’re looking to begin your journey as an EB-5 investor. Finding the right regional project means knowing the type of investments that have proven successful or profitable in the past.

EB-5 Projects That Have Seen Success

EB-5 is a very specific type of investment. As a company that manages EB-5 direct investments, it is important that we are able to successfully channel the funds into a project that meets the permanent residency and citizenship criterias laid out by the USIC. Today, we’ll review why some investment types lend themselves to EB-5 better than others.

Real Estate

The most common EB-5 investment is real estate ventures. By purchasing a building plot or contributing to the construction of a larger real estate investment, the necessary jobs are easily created for the construction project. By investing in a commercial real estate company, these investments can add continued growth to a city or region over the course of the necessary five years, while creating new opportunities for the investor or local community to take advantage of. Real estate is an especially enticing investment for EB-5 investors because it allows them to literally create a place for their family to live and work in their new community. Many EB-5 investors settle in areas developed by their investment partner. Real estate is also beneficial because the investment can be maintained, kept, or sold off at a profitable gain when the immigration process is completed.


There will always be a need for logistics; whether your direct investment supports freight shipping, construction or material management, or even a more consumer-facing logistics service, any of these can be excellent EB-5 investments. Jobs are easily created for management, dispatching, parcel packing, and even delivery. Even if the company does little else beyond transporting materials, there is a growing need for skilled labor jobs that can support this growth for years to come. Similar to the real estate venture mentioned above, logistics management is a highly profitable industry that requires capital to begin, which makes it a high barrier of entry for many American entrepreneurs. This means that the need for investment and management even after the EB-5 investment program’s completion is ever-present.

Resource Acquisition

The gathering and management of natural resources is similar to both of these industries in the sense that things like timber, limestone, and other natural resources will provide a steady flow of demand to match any possible supply output. Additionally, mining and resource acquisition projects take years to complete, often spanning large geographic distances and requiring numerous jobs and duties to overlap in order to see the project completed. Obviously, this makes for an ideal temporal EB-5 investment, as the project can have a clear start and end date that reaches just beyond the necessary five years, ultimately freeing up your direct investment capital to invest elsewhere or begin a new resource acquisition venture. In any case, this is a very safe investment that counts upon the fact that a resource, such as timber, that is necessary in so many walks of life will continue to do so for years to come.

Our EB-5 Investment Projects

Both of our Lake Point projects, as well as our new Tennessee Restoration project feature elements directly taken from the best EB-5 projects’ playbook. Our experienced investment managers carefully selected these projects for their security and investment growth potential on behalf of our EB-5 investors; we will continue to add new projects that meet these exacting criteria as the years go on, so new investors can rest assured that the successes enjoyed by our Lake Point project will continue to carry through for them. It is our belief that by holding open the door for successful foreign investors, such as yourself, we are doing a great service for the country, local economy, and the taxpayers alike, and we look forward to working with you achieve these goals!

Find your path to United States residency and citizenship in our EB-5 program today!