Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to Immigration Insider.  After almost two decades of looking out for the interests of leading corporations and the tremendous compliance problems they face with governmental regulations relating to immigration and labor laws, I’ve decided to launch a blog written for the HR and Legal representatives who these issues most affect.

For years — in fact, before "blog" was a word — I published a column called "Port of Entry", which grew to have thousands of daily readers. While "Port of Entry" was directed at the general business immigration market (i.e., both employers and visa beneficiaries), this column is going to focus specifically on the issues affecting U.S. corporations which must depend upon international workers in the course of their business.

Two phenomena are shaping the current climate for business immigration: first, both parties in Congress and President Bush are clear on the public’s loud and clear mandate: "enforce existing laws before adding new ones."  Second, if U.S. industries and the people who work in this country intend to continue as leaders in the global economy, fundamental changes responsive to the reality of globalism must shape continued U.S. economic growth.  I believe that the U.S. workforce is the most talented, nimble, and empowered workforce on the planet; the solution lies in redefining our role in the global economy to capitalize upon that talent and skill set, not only increasing the availability of U.S. jobs, but the availability of GREAT U.S. jobs which best make use of our leadership role in the world marketplace.

I hope you find my observations useful.  UnitedLex intends to bring forth a new era of responsiveness, efficiency, and intelligence to the corporate legal services sector, and we intend Immigration Insider to keep your HR and Legal departments one step ahead of the changes which will affect your enterprise.

Jose Latour, Executive VP, UnitedLex Corp.