Flashback: Port of Entry 2002 Thanksgiving Blog

Joey, friend of mine from many years past emailed yesterday.  He wanted to see if we could find a blog I'd written Thanksgiving week 2002 in my prior "before the word 'blog'" existed online daily posting, Port of Entry.  Well, I've been meaning to get the old POE blog archives online at for quite awhile now, but I didn't have it handy.  Gardhy, of course, did.

I'm reposting this article because, in various ways, it is timely: not only is it Thanksgiving week, but at the time I wrote the article, things were pretty lean for those in the IT industry…today things are pretty lean across the board, although apparently getting better.  (Check out my hair…it was black once! (-:)

Here's the link, stay tuned for the old Port of Entry archives, coming soon to a web site near you!

Download Jose Latour's Port of Entry TG 2002