Everyone Relax, Marco Rubio has the DREAM Act Issue Solved…

Having personally engaged Mr. Rubio on the subject of immigration reform and the DREAM Act during a fundraiser at which I wrote a check (which, I should add, I ultimately regretted writing), it is quite odd to presume he feels capable of taking a leadership position on the issue of the DREAM Act.  As an admittedly-jaded independent voter who long ago gave up on a bipartisan politics, I feel very comfortable interpreting both Mr. Rubio’s efforts as well as Mr. Obama’s long-delayed response to the issue:
1.      Mr. Obama’s diluted, weird, last-hurrah suggestions are “too little, too late”
2.      Mr. Rubio’s “expertise’ (acquired, I assume based on our earlier conversation, by osmosis) is completely devoid of an intelligent understanding of a rather complex issue.
So here we go again: a valiant Democrat again promising to do what he promised to do four years ago and didn’t do, a spineless Wall-Street-o-Crat Republican front runner who can’t even answer THE QUESTION about his view on DREAM on a Sunday morning news hour…and the intrepid,  Dan-Quayle-esque Mr. Rubio, clarifying things for us.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.  Sigh.
When America cares about immigration reform, we will have an intelligent discussion on the subject and, God willing, fix a broken system. Until then, the subject of immigration reform will be bantered about by the clueless, manipulated to fuel xenophobia or dumb race-based voting responses, and we’ll look to hollow talking heads to determine how America’s future unfolds.