Enforcing the Obvious- Fed Judge Blocks Arizona Enforcement

As the media and activists on both side have continued making "news" of Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, I've been chanting and chanting and chanting…"the law violates federal sovereignty and the first federal judge to touch it will zap it."

Bingo. As she did so, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled:

“There is a substantial
likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens
under the new [law],'' Bolton ruled. “By enforcing this statute,
Arizona would impose a `distinct, unusual and extraordinary' burden on
legal resident aliens that only the federal government has the authority
to impose.''


Look, I understand everyone's frustration with the Federal Government's failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform and control our borders but guess what?  Just because the feds do don't it doesn't mean states can usurp federal powers.

Now, can we get back to important news like Mel Gibson's latest outburst? (-;

Here is the Miami Herald Article:

Federal Judge Blocks Key Arizona Law Provisions