EB5 Public Relations Press Release

EB5 Public Relations Targets EB5 Regional Center Investors Overseas

Former US Diplomatic/Consular Officer and A/V-Rated Attorney Jose E. Latour launches EB5 Public Relations, an international marketing, publicity, and event management consultancy catering to US EB5 Regional Centers looking to reach prospective international investors overseas.

(PRWEB) January 4, 2010 — EB5 Public Relations (EB5PR) has opened to offer USCIS – approved EB5 Regional Centers a broad spectrum of marketing and brand development opportunities including international seminars, industry resource/referrer outreach, and foreign-community-driven events designed to propel Regional Center clients into the global markets where their prospective investors are waiting.

In today’s global society, there are few more coveted prizes than permanent residency in the United States of America. The EB5 Regional Center Immigrant Investor program offers qualified international investors the opportunity to select an appropriate, US – government-approved Regional Center, invest $500,000, and secure permanent US resident card for themselves, their spouse, and their minor children.

José Latour, a former US diplomat and internationally-recognized immigration attorney founded EB5PR, the first public relations and marketing consultancy specifically designed to help approved EB-5 Regional Centers market their Immigrant Investor opportunities overseas. He sees as a unique opportunity to help US EB5 Regional Centers find the foreign capital they seek by taking them where it's most readily available…key international cities. EB5PR's 2010 seminar agenda includes seminars and events throughout Latin America, the Middle East, India and the Far East, with over 20 international seminars scheduled through April 2010.

Latour is confident in both the timing and the mission: "It took the U.S. Government about 15 years to approve the first 30+ EB5 Regional Centers, and just one year – 2009- to more than double that amount. Most of these folks have solid investment and development backgrounds but lack cohesive international networks. That is what EB5 Public Relations will provide clients: core branding and event-driven marketing in key offshore markets where prospective EB5 Immigrant Investors are most likely to be found.”

For further information regarding EB5PR's services and global marketing initiatives for EB5 Regional Centers, contact Jose E. Latour at jlatour(at)eb5pr(dot)com, at his blog at or at 786-379-1928.

EB5 Public Relations is a Florida fictitious company operating under license with LatourCreative, LLC.
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