EB-5 Transitions for Vietnamese Families: Getting Your Kids Ready for U.S. College

American Venture Solutions began as an EB-5 Regional Center and that’s been our sole line of business since 2011.  Today, after six years in the Vietnam market, more approved Vietnamese EB-5 families living in the U.S. than any other EB-5 Regional Center, and as the only EB-5 Regional Center with a full-time office and staff in Vietnam, we are in the forefront of the issues facing Vietnamese EB-5 investors.  As our investor families struggle to adjust to painfully slow USCIS processing times, to understand the implications of Vietnam hitting its EB-5 visa limit, and contemplate the imminent doubling of EB-5 investment minimums, our role has necessarily evolved. 

Through our constant contant with our EB-5 investor families both already settled in the U.S. and those patiently waiting here in Vietnam, the demand for additional support from AVS has resulted in new AVS service offerings.  The first, just launched late last year, is the AVS Private Capital Fund , a private equity real estate investment fund we created specifically for our accredited Vietnamese investors who want to explore investment in the U.S. residential real estate market, but want to do so safely and without a hassle.  The Fund is a great opportunity to put some money into the U.S. market, establish a U.S. bank account, received a guaranteed annual return, and exit painlessly in 3 years.  (Soon AVS will be offering our Vietnamese investors the chance to DIRECTLY invest in Florida real estate , both multifamily and commercial, which represent real value investments…especially when compared to the very pricey California market).

But the new service AVS Vietnam is soon launching is the one most near and dear to my heart:  academic/educational consulting services designed to facilitate the transition from Vietnam schools to U.S. education.   Last September, AVS Vietnam celebrated our one year gala anniversary banquet for our Saigon office opening at the Park Hyatt Saigon in the company of dozens of our treasured Vietnamese EB-5 investor families.  At the end of the evening, I asked everyone for the primary reason they had elected to make the big EB-5 decision and every hand in the room went up:  “for our kids’ futures!”

And since then, we have been looking at just how AVS Vietnam can help those futures look even brighter.  This has required creative thinking in order to create a sustainable economic model which makes sense for both AVS AND for our customers.  (Unfortunately, as is the case with the EB-5 industry, the academic counseling industry is capable of terrible things.  In China, the same person who pays an extra $100,000 to a crooked immigration agent to “guarantee I-526 approval” will often pay another $200,000 to a crooked educational advisor to “guarantee admission to an Ivy League school”, and that person gets ripped off not once but twice.  While Vietnam is a comparatively tame market, greed is a powerful thing;  I have personally found a lot of dubious “academic” assistance marketers in the Vietnam market online, and they sound as fishy as the EB-5 scammers.  Take a look at this article:  consultant charged U.S. $1.5 million for college application assistance )

The goal of AVS Vietnam is to establish a full-service academic planning and preparation service for our Vietnamese families which is affordable, reliable, and as accessible to our students as AVS currently is for its EB-5 investors.  Headquartered in Saigon, AVS’ Academics will be staffed by the brightest minds in college prep, our crack Saigon service team, and a coordinated, individually-customized success program designed guide each student to success in the American educational system.  For the past 4 months, AVS has been carefully assembling a team of U.S. educational leaders, counselors, professors, and academic experts who collectively have decades of experience helping hundreds of international students succeed in the United States…and ONE of them will be my son Alex, who has been helping Chinese students succesfully prepare for college in the U.S. for years!

We will be telling you more soon, but the basic idea is to expand our services to not only guide AVS families through their long EB-5 journey from investment to green card, but to concurrently guide their children through a seamless and successful academic transition to America by insuring that we are STILL there for them during their first transitional year in the U.S.

I am excited to work with Monica, Laura and Alex in shaping our academic advisory services program.  Together, we are all VERY excited our plan to create the first Vietnam-specific, full-service academic advisory and educational consultancy service designed to ensure your child’s academic success in America.  Stay tuned!