EB-5 Regional Center Forum Debuts

Yesterday, Bernstein Osberg-Braun and De Moraes' first EB-5 Immigrant Investment Forum went off without a hitch in our Miami headquarters.  In addition to some pretty stellar performances by Karen Caco (of counsel to the firm and one of the country's most experienced EB-5 attorneys), Roy Norton (of the Florida Overseas Investment Center ) and Kraig Schwigen (of the CMB Regional Centers), the event was notable for what did not occur:

-no Powerpoint or other computer glitches;

-no questions we couldn't answer;

-we did not run out of food (in fact, the kitchen remains adorned with enough Panini stuff for a New Testament "multitude");

-Roger, Melissa, and I all stayed pretty much on point and, most astonishingly…

-I made it through lunch without getting anything on me.

One should never fail to appreciate the little miracles.

Our three hour presentation – which I had feared might be a big longish — proved to be quite adequate, flowing nicely from topic to topic and ending with a good Q & A series.  We would like to send our thanks to our guests and participants for giving us their morning, their feedback, and sending us off to Venezuela with our road show well defined.

Next up: Update from Caracas