EB-5 Deadline of Dec. 7th is Around the Corner…Beat the Projected Price Increase By Investing Now

I’m not sure if Vietnam has a version of the “Chicken Little” fairy tale.  In it, Chicken Little spends most of his time running around, predicting doom, screaming that “The Sky is FALLING!!”…except the sky never falls.  In the end, after countless false alarms, Chicken Little loses all credibility and no one listens at his warnings.

The EB-5 version of the “Chicken Little” story isn’t about “the sky falling”, it’s about the price of EB-5 investments going up.  As one of many “Chicken Little” EB-5 experts who have been warning their readers about substantial – some would say “dramatic” – increases in the entry-level investment threshold for an EB-5 Investor Visa, the irony isn’t not lost on me.  Nonetheless, with the various pending regulations, chaos in Washington, and very unpredictable White House, I must yet AGAIN encourage investors – especially those in Vietnam, where sending funds abroad isn’t a simple matter – to be aware of the pending December 7th EB-5 Regional Program expiration.

If I was a Las Vegas bookmaker, what I would I say the odds are that the next incarnation of the EB-5 Regional Center program (and, for that matter, direct EB-5 investments) will face an over 200% increase in the cost of investing in EB-5? Realistically, I’d say it’s less than 50%.  But I say this based upon the continued dynamic where a terrifically monied-Big EB-5 lobby solely interested in perpetuating its fictional luxury Manhattan “TEAs” has been able to consistently quash reforms by those of us wanting a more equitable solution for EB-5.  The truth is that the current situation in Washington hits close to home in the White House, with the President’s son-in-law’s Kushner Companies under both Congressional and SEC investigation for EB-5 related violations.

To eliminate the possibility, I encourage you to contact AVS Vietnam Director Monica Pham for information on one of the remaining proven EB-5 “True TEA” options we have available for qualified and accredited investors.  (I remind our readers to please contact AVS Vietnam directly at American Venture Solutions EB-5 Regional Center as American Venture Solutions Regional Centers is unable to cooperate with migration agents in accordance with U.S. S.E.C. laws.)