Dubai Wrap Up- EB-5 Alive and Well

In three hours I’m on British Airways to London but what a week it’s been: it is difficult to relay the energy, ethnic diversity, and raw brainpower behind this urban testimony to architecture.  The seminar went beautifully, Dubai is talking EB-5 for the first time, and mix of ex-pats and regional prospective investors is absolutely the most intriguing melange of people with which I have ever interacted as an immigration attorney.

As usual, it’s the folks from India who are the most informed on U.S. immigration laws, and there were people I met this week who know more about EB-5 issues than half the immigration bar!  Others knew less and a few knew nothing.  NOW they know. (-:

One always questions the wisdom of traveling so far when the need for the service one is offering is so close to home; Mexico and Venezuela have kept me busy and will continue to do so.  But just as I headed to Hong Kong in the mid-90s, I believe that this is the decade where Dubai will cement its role as the international business hub of what is a rather turbulent region, much as Miami has become the de facto “Capital of the Americas”.  What better logistical point is there to begin our reach into EB-5 markets in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East?

My gracious thanks to Jud Laird, Namjoo Hashemi, and our seminar attendees for making this week a smashing success…I look forward to Round 2!

Me...and my big mouth