Dubai Simply ROCKS!

Got in via London late last night and went to sleep on the 34th floor of the hotel with beautiful city lights…woke up this morning to realize I was staring at the Arabian Sea!

I was awakened this morning by chanted prayers blasted from loudspeakers in the minaret of a mosque 34 stories down and a few blocks over.  Prayer reminders are done five times a day.  I'd never thought about it before but this structured prayer rhythm of their day is very much like the rhythm of the monasteries I visit.  We ALL need to be reminded to pray and — no disrespect to our important American separation of church and state — it's kind of cool to be reminded to talk to God five times a day.  I'm checking in myself with every reminder!

I am STOKED about the seminar tomorrow but if ONE more person asks me if I'm nervous about the side of the group…I still won't get nervous.   That's because in an EB-5 environment, it's a privilege and responsibility to spend my time dispelling myths.

This place has the energy of Hong Kong, the beachside cafe/yacht vibe of Marbella, the architecture of the next century, the cleanliness of Singapore, all thrown together with the diverity of the bar in Star Wars.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!