Dubai-bound in a Few Hours!

Well, in just a few hours I'll be leaving Miami for Dubai via London and I have to tell you guys…this is pretty exciting!  I've done seminars on investment based immigration for a loooooong time now: since the early 1990's, when I had my office in Hong Kong, I've been talking about the EB-5, L-1, and alternative immigration strategies.  But never have I gotten as warm a reception as the one I've gotten for Dubai.  Listen to this:

-over 100 prequalfied prospective EB-5 investors will be attending (our original room only sat 70 so we had to get a bigger one!)

-folks are flying in from 12 different countries to attend the seminar!

Honestly, I feel like I'm opening for Paul McCartney or something. (-;

I've never been to Dubai so this is a particularly exciting trip for me.  I will be accompanied by Jud Laird, one of the principals of BC Properties, the U.S. development and investment company who does the deal-structuring for custom immigrant investment properties as well as by Canadian immigration consultant Namjoo Hashemi, who is Private Placement Partner's West Coast representative and who will be there for our Farsi-speaking attendees.

2011 is going to be a busy year: Private Placement Partners will be presenting our seminar,“An American Future: Strategic Immigration Planning for U.S. EB-5 Investors©in a number of cities worldwide, starting with El Paso, Texas, on February 1, 2011.  After that, events are planned for Mexico, Venezuela, Pakistan and Lebanon, and a possible return trip to Dubai same time next year.

Safe travels to everyone en route to Wednesday's event, I promise to make it a very worthwhile educational experience regarding your U.S. investment immigration options!

Best, Jose