California F-1 Seminar UPDATE

I just got an email from a student who will be attending the Irvine event Wednesday saying, in effect, "geez, Jose, I'm so sorry you don't have anyone going to the seminars!"

Well, we're not at the stage of having to order a fleet of portapotties for the outside event at UC Irvine but we DO have folks signing up!  We just haven't figured out how to update the calendering software on so the numbers all read "0" at this point.

If you are going to any of the events, please do send an email to so he can keep track of the numbers.  And please remember to tell all your F-1 friends that the seminar is FREE and will have a lot of useful information!  These things are a lot more fun if we make them interactive and the LAST thing you guys want is me droning on and on without your input, questions, and interaction!!

Hope your weekend is winding down nicely…it's gray, rainy day in Miami, perfect for packing for sunny LA…(-; Jose