Brian Su’s Las Vegas EB-5 Boot Camp Seminar- MAY 25

Well, I'm sad to say that I will NOT be in Vegas tomorrow to see Brian put on another of his priceless seminars…I have a travel conflict.  For those of you who've attended his prior events, you know that there is simply no more valuable an educational and networking event in EB-5 Land.

As I told you,  the opportunity to speak at Brian's Houston event a few weeks ago was a great one for me and I'm still returning calls from the productive networking which unfolded.  I'm very bummed about not going to this particular one, though.  (And NO, not just because it's in VEGAS!….)

In this event, Brian grabs the Asian Tigers by the tail, targeting the need-to-know information for EB-5 Regional Centers and projects looking to do more in China and the Far East than just smile a lot and shake a lot of hands.  Tomorrow's event will feature a line up of some of the most seasoned experts from that part of the world, and Brian's ambitious agenda will cover everything an overview of Far East EB-5 markets to specific, pragmatic planning for setting up shop in China, dealing with escrow issues, and a lot of the nitty gritty you simply cannot learn elsewhere.

Good luck tomorrow, Brian, and I hope you can make an exception to the "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" and brief me next week! (-: