BREAKING NEWS: Court Decision Makes River Oak EB-5 Project Available at $500,000

By José E, Latour, Esq.

On Tuesday, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley of the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California struck down the 2019 regulations which raised the minimum EB-5 investment to $900,000 from $500,000, restoring the pre-2019 TEA investment requirement to $500,000 and eliminating other complex aspects of the 2019 regulations. The decision creates at least a short-term opportunity for EB-5 investors ready to invest immediately to enter at the $500,000 threshold.

Although there is legislation pending for its extension, the current EB-5 Regional Center program expires on June 30th . Moreover, since the judge declined the plaintiff’s request to prohibit the reinstatement of the regulations by USCIS for 120 days, USCIS could move to do so immediately; experts predict that it would take 60 to 90 days for the 2019 regulation to be reinstated through the Administrative Procedures Act.  Accordingly, American Venture Solutions (AVS) Regional Center is recommending that investors seeking to enter EB-5 at the $500,000 level should act immediately.

AVS’s new EB-5 project is River Oak EB-5, a new-construction single family rental home community located in a Florida Federal Opportunity Zone.  For the past 10 years, AVS Regional Center has achieved a sterling record of EB-5 investor approval and 100% capital recovery by its loan-based investors through working exclusively with the only U.S. Forbespedigree development partner in the EB-5 industry.  This same group is developing and managing River Oak EB-5, which will be exclusively available to 33 accredited EB-5 investors.  In response to this critical court decision, AVS is making River Oak EB-5 immediately available to accredited investors at the $500,000 threshold* .

For immediate application to River Oak EB-5, please contact our Vietnam office hotline at 0938.61.30.62 or U.S. office at 1-786-866-9775.

*NOTE: in light of the uncertainties regarding USCIS’ response to the court decision and variables potentially affecting the Regional Center Program, AVS will protect all River Oak EB-5 Investors by holding the $500,000 capital investment and administrative fees in escrow (specific details provided to accredited investors upon approval of AVS Investor Eligibility Questionnaire.)