Bo, Chen Headlines = More Restless Chinese Look to EB-5

With Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in China today giving them another version of the human rights lecture the Chinese government is sooooo over, the ever-growing buzz about a “Plan B” for their children is again amping up within the walls of affluent Chinese homes.  While China is a country which does NOT have to worry about “brain drain” via emigration (simply because of its staggering population numbers) — and while Chinese EB-5 investment is a cornerstone of inbound U.S. investment — it is time for the Chinese government to understand that its inaction is nonetheless triggering a relatively important exodus of its best and brightest.

I told you guys about Mr. Bo’s Wild Ride last week; now it’s a blind attorney, Chen Guangcheng, who’s the subject of whispering within corporate China.  This well-known dissident escaped house arrest and went to the U.S. Embassy seeking protection, and his reassurances by the government that he’d be left alone quickly turned into his assessment that both he and his family are in danger.  Mr. Chen told The Associated Press from his hospital room Wednesday that Chinese authorities had warned he would lose his opportunity to be reunited with his family if he stayed longer in the embassy, and account verified by U.S. officials.
Despite the big, nearly-invisible machine suppressing political dissent in China, things are not as serene as they appear.  This blog, like others in which I am critical of government policies in a country which I respect tremendously, will probably get zapped while the ones where I slap hypocritical U.S. trade policies remains visible, as always.  The Chinese government needs to expedite the liberalization of its policies of censorship because, quite simply, ignoring it is not a viable option.  Technology cannot be stopped, particularly in a country which creates most of technology for the world.
Forgetting the moral directives and the legitimacy of offering freedom; perhaps it is best to appeal to the GOC in the direct, pragmatic, secular terms in which it sees itself, so here goes:
“Your relevance and authority can only be maintained through a policy of acknowledging that you cannot continue to close the wide open eyes of those whom you govern.”