BIG NEWS!!! Lake Point’s First I-526 EB-5 Investor Approved!!

It took more than a year and a half, dozens of follow-up inquiries, and a lot of patience but Lake Point EB-5 just got our first I-526 approval!!  The investor is from Vietnam…and the approval was WITHOUT an RFE!

We extend our congratulations to our wonderful, PATIENT client, to the many colleagues and immigration agents who have patiently waited for Lake Point’s first EB-5 approval, and to the still-underfunded, sequester-impaired USCIS which continues to do its best to work its way through the massive backlogs they face.

On a personal note, I am literally light-headed.  Getting an investor to stay on board for a full year longer than the original estimated time of approval is a formidable task; I am so happy that our client’s trust was not misplaced. (-:

Press release soon but a quick note to the Lake Point Fence Sitting Club, now numbering in the dozens:  we expect the approval to mean a flurry of filings from Vietnam from folks who’ve been waiting for this first approval, so don’t dally!

Great weekend to everyone!  Jose