Back from Caracas With a Serious EB-5 Buzz

Things went very well in Caracas for Roger, Carlos, and me.  Our visit this month focused on the "referrers"…the relationships we seek to cultivate with the best lawyers, banks, and financial advisers in Venezuela.  We learned that there is a GREAT DEAL of baloney being promised to would-be EB-5 Immigrant Investors:  impossible returns, "guarantees" (which would violate the EB-5 visa requirements, even if they were not lies) and bogus time frames.

In a way, this mountain of disinformation is good because we are coming across like choir boys (sorry, Roger…uh…"Cantors Lite"?? (-;) with our pragmatic assessments, disclaimers, and straight talk. 

There is this remarkable thing that happens, this secret that eludes so many folks in our potentially dignified and noble subspecialty of law practice…If you speak the truth, they hire you. 

Will wonders never cease? (-:

Wherever you are, I hope your weekend is proving as sunny, crisp and beautiful as it is for those of us here in Miami.  J