Announcing the $100,000 EB-5 Regional Center

In the past one month I have reviewed the following:

-An EB-5 Project structuring quote, already signed off on by the in-house and external construction counsel of one of the nation’s leading builders, where an EB-5 Regional Center owner was trying to charge a one time $200,000+ fee for including the project into their existing, dated, now-administratively-noncompliant regional center.

-a Chinese client trying to form a regional center project who’s paid over $100,000 many months ago to a US attorney who has done absolutely nothing and refuses to refund the fees paid.

-a communication from a Chinese agent who is aggressively being marketed an EB-5 project which #1 is NOT approved for EB-5 funding nor is it USCIS approved and #2 whose very high-profile principals (who, coincidentally, I happen to know) have no idea what EB-5 is.

Enough is enough. Soon Private Placement Partners will be announcing the turnkey $100,000 EB-5 Regional Center., structured by the best team of EB-5 professionals in the country. No more scams, no more baloney, just solid service at a reasonable price.

Stay tuned. Jose