Announcing Our China/Vietnam Seminar Tour: Oct. 16 – Nov. 9, 2011

On October 16th, the distinguished Chinese-American attorney Sharon Shi and I will begin a three week EB-5 marketing tour in China and Vietnam.  Sharon, my shiny new partner, spent most of 2010 closing EB-5 deals in China; she decided, despite her astonishing success last year going it alone, that taking a cranky old know-it-all this time around might improve sales, and the feedback from our agents in China so far seems to corroborate her theory.  (You’ll be hearing more about Sharon as soon as we get our various sites updated.)

Our lead mission is to fill a $10M/20 investor tranche for Lake Point EcoVentures EB-5.1  Lake Point EcoVentures is a remarkable private-public venture where the GP is mining valuable aggregate rock (from which highway construction materials are made) while converting a rare 2200+ acre piece of the Everglades into an environmental recovery zone…and donating the land to the public!  While Scott Barnhart’s economic projections and the USCIS agree that the job numbers support 54 EB-5 investors, we’re capping it at 20 EB-5 slots, leaving 2.7 jobs for every job needed for our 20 lucky Limited Partners.  EB-5 funding constitutes only 10% of the venture; the project offers a 5 year loan structure paying 1.5% per annum (woo-hoo!) with liquidity of principal at the fifth year anniversary of original I-526 approval…but how often does an EB-5 investor get to partner with a Forbes group of GPs? 

Lake Point is without a doubt the most solid, safest EB-5 investment opportunity I’ve ever seen…and I constructed the whole deal from the ground up to insure the investors WILL get their I-829s approved.  (For our attorney and migration agency readers with clients seeking an EB-5 opportunity:  talk to me NOW if you want to know more.  We expect to fill all 20 slots before returning in November!)2

Sharon and I are scheduled for 20+ events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and then on to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam…we have approximately 8 jillion individual client meetings and will be working on Saturday and Sundays.  I have promised to keep my whining to a minimum and Sharon has assured me that I will not be put in any compromising situation to eat anything I don’t want to eat, especially the Dreaded Century Egg.

Stay tuned: I’m taking the camcorder so this could get interesting….(-;

1 The site link above tells the story but is being updated: the Regional Center was originally created to fund Lake Point ONLY.  Since then, the RC has been renamed American Venture Solutions (AVS) Regional Center and the Lake Point project is AVS’ first project to market.  The new AVS site will reflect these changes in the very near future. BOTH THE REGIONAL CENTER AND THE PROJECT ARE USCIS APPROVED!

2 THIS IS NOT AN OFFERING FOR THE SALE OF A SECURITY!  Prospective Investors may contact us so that we can provide the necessary documentation establishing that the prospect is an “accredited investor” within the meaning of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Act.  Upon satisfactory confirmation of such status, detailed offering materials may be provided to any accredited foreign investor interested in the opportunity.