It is our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with NES Financial, offering our investors unparalleled transparency, security, and live access to the status of their EB-5 investment.

In recent months, the EB-5 program and many EB-5 projects have been under scrutiny by the media, the US government, and primarily EB-5 investors. We can expect significant changes and increased regulation of the EB-5 program in the very near future. At AVS, we look forward to this increased level of compliance and commitment to our EB-5 investors.

Since its inception, AVS has been focused on integrity and transparency. Today many of our investors have become limited partners in their respective EB-5 projects, reside in the US, and some have even applied for their permanent residencies. At AVS, we understand the EB-5 process is long and very complex and information is power. So, we welcome the opportunity to provide our investors with an additional resource and insight into their EB-5 investment.

In order to enhance our commitment to transparency, AVS is implementing the services of NES Financial, a program that will provide our investors with an independent, real-time view of the status of their EB-5 investment. AVS will grant full access of our banking and accounting records to NES’s in-house auditors. Following their own analysis, NES will independently verify, track, and generate reports of all EB-5 capital activity, from the point it is submitted to the AVS Client Funds Account until it is ultimately spent on EB-5 job creating activity by the Project. Each investor will have access to his/her own online portal, which will show the movement of each, individual EB-5 investment.

NES’ services and reports are considered the most well respected and credible in the EB-5 industry. These reports are widely used and accepted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). AVS has continuously provided copious financial and operational detail to USCIS regarding the ongoing progress at each of our EB-5 Projects. Now, AVS will provide USCIS with NES reports as well, which serve as an independent evaluation and verification of the material and figures generated internally.

This is truly a milestone for AVS and we are excited to implement NES into our internal processes and investor communications!



About NES Financial (

NES Financial was founded to bring increased security, transparency, and compliance to parties involved in these types of transactions

  • Experience with over 220 EB-5 projects
  • Only solution specifically built for EB-5
  • Unique technology combines financial tracking & document storage
  • Automated audit trail and summary reports consistent with USCIS requirements
  • Permissions based web access for all investors and stakeholders